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Don’t you deserve a real builder?


At Your Home Australia you’ll deal with real builders, not sales people. Our ‘on the ground’ experience means we have the know-how and the supplier contacts to save you money, time and trouble. If you’re ready for genuine quality and affordability, talk to us.


You don’t have time to muck around, and nor do we. From initial designs, to choosing fittings and appointments, we finish the way we start – with straight talk, honest opinions and an ironclad commitment to getting your home right.

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To build the best, we work with the best. Our builders must have at least 5 years industry experience, and we choose our materials carefully to suit your needs and your budget. We aim to be as proud of your home as you are.


Energy efficiency and sustainability aren’t just words, they’re goals. So we work with you to ensure your home is smarter, greener, cleaner and easier to manage. From thermal properties to smart wiring and communications, your home will be a showcase of affordable innovation.

With every new home, we’re building our reputation.

You don’t want to compromise, so we won’t either. These are the standards we work to:

You are our first priority. Every aspect of your customer experience has to be first rate, and we'll do everything we can to ensure it is.

Listening is one of the most important things we do. And when we've heard what you want, what you need or what your issues are, we act.

Your aim is to ensure you get great value for money at every stage of the process.Our aim is to exceed your expectations.

Our policy is to only work with suppliers we know we can trust, who will provide the highest quality at the best possible price.

Delivering on time is not just a goal, it's a commitment.

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Your Home Australia

You need to know that every part of your home, from building materials to light switches, is well made, properly installed and good value.
We only work with suppliers who have proven their service, reliability, honesty and value.
You're looking for ideas, advice and honesty when it comes to choosing how your home will be built.
Our experience covers every type of construction, from double brick to brick veneer, framed and delivered homes. And we use Australian made products wherever possible.
The Process
Your goal is for a smooth, hassle free and efficient process that ends with you living in a home you love, delivered to the agreed timeline.
The Process
We offer quality that gives you the peace of mind you need. Our administration process ensures that your home is at site in the quickest time frame possible.

Your new home starts now! Call or email us today.